Osteopath offer

Ed Cossart – Osteopath offer for Cowdray Golf members

Free 20 minute consultation and 50% off your first initial 60 minute consultation, for bookings made before 31st May 2017

Could osteopathy reduce your back pain and help to improve your golf swing? Osteopathy is very useful for treating sports injuries. It is also highly effective in the treatment of back and joint pain, sciatica, arthritis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and many more.

Using his wealth of experience, Osteopath, Edward Cossart uses osteopathic and massage techniques to treat a wide range of sports injuries and sees many amateur and professional sports players.

Within the 20 minute complementary consultation, exclusive to Cowdray Golf Club members, Edward will be able to suggest ways to reduce pain, improve your golf swing and how he can help. Take advantage of the 50%-off an Initial consultation to reduce pain, and set you on the path to become stronger and more resilient both on and off the course.

Edward Cossart has worked at Cowdray as an osteopath for the past three years. He was previously based in Central London on Harley Street.

To book: 07788 128397  email: info@edwardcossart.com




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