Blanco Nino Chilli & Lime Tortilla Chips

Blanco Nino Chilli & Lime Tortilla Chips


Using the ancient Aztec cooking method known as nixtamalisation to produce award-winning, slow-cooked corn tortilla chips. Each batch takes three days to make, producing a truly authentic texture and flavour. 


For these chips, Ancho Chilli is nicely complemented with zesty lime juice. Nestled in the shadow of a dormant volcano, it is the vibrant city and landscape of Puebla which inspired this tortilla chip flavour. Commonplace on these colour-soaked streets is the pairing of stinging chilli heat and sharp citrus fruit flavours. Let it transport you to the exciting bustle of a mercado or neighbourhood cantina. 


Blanco Nino chips are made with the very best ingredients, are gluten-free, vegan friendly, kosher certified and contain no artificial ingredients

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Ingredients: Non-GMO White Corn (72.6%), Sunflower Oil, Ancho Chilli Pepper (1.47%), Salt, Maltodextrin, Corn Starch, Chipotle Pepper (0.35%), Sugar, Citric Acid, Yeast Extract, Dextrose, Malic Acid, Black Pepper, Vinegar Powder, Natural Flavour, Parsley, Lime Oil (0.03%)

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