Robert May, The Accomplisht Cook

Celebrating Heritage Open Days at Cowdray

Uncovering stories, sites, places and people that traditional history has overlooked or forgotten has always been at the very heart of Heritage Open Days. This year the Heritage Open Days Festival will be turning its focus onto the natural world – encouraging people to discover its histories and its stories.

Robert May was considered one of the greatest chefs in the country and worked at what is now known as Cowdray Ruins but what was once a great Tudor House with a large household.  He is the author of The Accomplisht Cook which contained more than a thousand recipes, many containing ingredients from nature which we may not consider using today.

In celebration of Robert May,  the Chefs at Cowdray Farm Shop and Cafe have produced a modern version of a recipe that originally appeared in The Accomplisht Cook.

View Recipe: Lamb and Spelt Stew

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