Wellbeing Event

Cowdray’s Wellbeing Event

Wellbeing is integral to Cowdray’s ethos and values, and this was reflected in a highly successful day of inspirational talks and music held on Saturday 10th March at Cowdray House.

Over 150 people gathered in Buck Hall at the heart of Cowdray House to listen to three eminent speakers: health psychologist Dr Brian Marien, author, Telegraph columnist and mental health campaigner Bryony Gordon and Mindfulness expert Dr Mark Williams.

The day was expertly compered by Gillian Higgins, a leading international criminal barrister and meditation teacher, and there was music by singer-songwriter Catty Pearson who was accompanied on the guitar by musician and composer Toni Castells. The British Pilgrimage Trust, a charity dedicated to re-establishing the tradition of Pilgrimage in Britain, also gave a short talk.

Cowdray’s Chief Executive Jonathan Russell said: “This is the second wellbeing event to take place at Cowdray House following 2016’s highly successful motivational talks. We are delighted that this year’s Wellbeing Event was such a success. Feedback we have received from guest speakers and audience members has been extremely enthusiastic.

“Wellbeing has been championed on the Cowdray Estate for many years and is very much directed by Lord and Lady Cowdray’s advocacy of such lifestyle choices. We believe that health and mindfulness need to be increasingly addressed in today’s fast-paced and stressful world”.

All three of the key note speakers provided a different yet illuminating perspective on mental health. Dr Brian Marien, who is a doctor and a health psychologist, spoke about how there needs to be more compassion within the medical profession and how crucial it is to consider our children’s psychological wellbeing.

Journalist Bryony Gordon entertained the audience with a witty and honest talk titled: “Why it’s normal to feel weird” where she described how she has coped with OCD and depression over the years. Her own experiences have led her to become a prominent mental health campaigner. Her interview with Prince Harry where he shared his emotional struggles after Diana’s death was a watershed moment leading to open discussion on mental illness.

After a healthy vegetarian lunch, Dr Mark Williams, an expert in the field of Mindfulness, talked on how Mindfulness has a long history in ancient wisdom and finds support from modern psychological science. The audience palpably relaxed after he oversaw a brief meditation session. Guest speakers then signed copies of their books which were on sale at The Petworth Bookshop’s stand.

Cowdray House is located at the heart of the 16,500-acre Cowdray Estate in the South Downs National Park. The House’s tranquil environment, elegant reception rooms and stunning private landscaped grounds perfectly complemented the tone of the Wellbeing Day.

Wellbeing is positively promoted throughout the estate’s thriving and diverse businesses. Cowdray Hall and Cowdray’s Therapy Rooms provide a focal point for self-development. The hall hosts inspiring workshops and events as well as weekly classes which can be enjoyed by both local groups and the wider community.

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