Beenleigh Blue

Beenleigh Blue is our cheese of the month.

Beenleigh Blue sheep’s cheese is produced by Ben Harris and his team at Ticklemore DairyFarm in Devon.  This is a small and traditional dairy where everything is done by hand and with a great attention to detail. Milk used for Beenleigh Blue is specifically sourced from Tom Garland and Helen Theed’s flock of 250 Friesland ewes and Poll Dorset crosses at Burton Dairy Farm in Somerset.  The sheep graze on grass and clover leys throughout the summer and are housed in the winter, being fed on grass silage. Beenleigh Blue is made from January through to June and the cheeses have quite clear seasonal variations. The earliest cheeses tend to be lighter and citrusy in flavour in comparison to the cheeses made towards the end of the season which tend to have a more robust, earthy and intense flavour.

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