Enjoying the Process

We live in a goal-oriented society. A fast-moving, future-focused culture that relentlessly stimulates, entices and demands. The drive? To achieve and to attain. In a world where our output and productivity is measured to the finest degree, there’s never been more pressure to keep up. In much of modern life, there’s a sense that we are constantly striving, wanting to get somewhere or achieve something.

Of course, it’s wonderful to have goals. At every stage in our lives, it’s healthy and exciting to focus our efforts and energy, make an impact and achieve things. Yet alongside productivity, it’s also important to respect the process. Venerating end results above all else means that our focus is constantly pushing forwards to achieving something – rather than being in the present moment and relishing the unfolding. This mindset means that we discount or rush through vital aspects of our experience. And this can lead to frustration and a negative impact on our mental wellbeing.

Because it’s natural that at times we will make mistakes. We will fail, take the wrong path, fall behind, lose everything – and, hopefully, try again. This is part of the beauty and complexity of learning and evolving, the rich process of life. And even if things do go to plan, achievements and creations of all kinds take time. There is great beauty within this. Process – with all of its durations, detours and difficulties – is an integral part of the whole.

Honouring process, in all that we do, creates a powerful shift in perspective. It invites us to slow down and see life differently. To be in the present moment with our experience, to feel each part of it as it unfolds – even if it may be challenging, or far removed from where we believe we want to get to. In welcoming process of all kinds, we gain a richer understanding of the lessons every step holds. We learn to savour things, becoming more alive to the different aspects of our experience as they unfold. And we find greater enjoyment and peacefulness as we do so, recognising that every step has its place – and its power – as we journey through life.

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