Meet the Therapists: Karen Watson, Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Karen Watson describes how she feels privileged to work as a counsellor and psychotherapist providing support to a diverse range of people who have decided to seek therapy.

About Karen

Karen is accredited to BACP, UKCP and BPC and holds a Post Grad. Dip in Psychodynamic Theory and Practice. She draws on her in-depth theoretical background as well as years of clinical experience to help you understand yourself, and the causes of the issues that have brought you to therapy.

She has extensive experience of working with adults in a private clinic in London, the NHS, University Counselling and Community Counselling Services and Support Groups.

To book, email Karen at or visit her website:

Can you explain how you work with people who need counselling and psychotherapy?

People come to see me for all sorts of reasons. When they approach me, I always suggest an initial consultation. This lasts for just over an hour and takes place in Cowdray’s Therapy Rooms. The consultation is completely private and confidential. We have an informal talk about their past and present; I think the key questions are: why are you seeking therapy and why now? The answers can be very revealing.

If we decide to work together following this meeting, we select a mutually convenient date and see each other once a week at the same time.

Who do you offer support to?

Everyone is unique. Sometimes I support people for short periods if something ‘acute’ has happened that is affecting their everyday lives, or something which has links to childhood trauma perhaps suppressed for many years and might only now be showing up as anxiety, depression, self-harm or addiction. I specialise in adults over 18.

Can people be reluctant to seek help at first?

Yes! There can be great feelings of embarrassment or shame, perhaps a feeling of weakness when initially seeking help. This is commonplace and something we can always work with. More recently, the importance of mental health has become increasingly recognised in the media, as is the connection between mind and body. This has increased people’s awareness and has had a positive affect on their ability to reach out for help.

What inspired you to train in this profession?

I’ve always been fascinated how our childhood, especially the first three years of life, have major effects on how we develop as adults. Who wouldn’t be interested to know more? My training and clinical hours took over six years to complete and although gruelling at times, I loved every bit of it.

Do you find the work rewarding?

The work is a privilege.

And what are your interests outside of work?

I hang out with ‘Mother Nature’ whenever I can.

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