Cowdray Kitchen Venison Bordelaise 1.3kg

Cowdray Kitchen Venison Bordelaise 1.3kg


Venison Bordelaise, Cowdray Estate wild and lean venison haunch is diced and cooked in a luxuriously rich sauce of wine, bacon and silverskin onions. Mashed potato and greens complete the perfect supper.

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What’s in and what’s not?

We use the finest ingredients for our dishes, with many coming direct from the Estate. We also use the best quality local suppliers where we can, supporting the local economy and reducing our carbon footprint. And because our dishes are made and then quickly frozen, there’s no need for us to add any preservatives. That means you get great quality and lashings of flavour!

Bursting with flavour and fresh from the freezer:

No need to de-frost, just pre-heat the oven and cook. All our dishes will be at their best and retain their freshness and flavour if you cook them in the oven, straight from frozen. As good as homemade, but without the effort.

Recycling and sustainability:

Sustainability is a key Cowdray value, so we’ve chosen aluminium dishes as they’re recyclable – just wash them clean and pop them in your recycling bin. Did you know it takes up to 95% less energy to recycle aluminium than it does to produce primary aluminium? So that limits emissions too. Aluminium is not good for microwaves though… so make sure to always oven cook our dishes.

Ingredients: Venison, onions, CELERY, garlic, leeks, bacon, tomatoes, plain flour (WHEAT), silver skin onions, red wine (SULPHITES) We produce our in house products from one kitchen here at Cowdray Farm Shop where allergens not listed may be present.

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