The King’s Sandwich Competiton Shortlist

Our quest to find The King’s Sandwich, the notable new sandwich that encompasses everything from the bread to the filling that is ‘fit for a king’ is nearly over.

We were delighted to have received so many entries into our King’s Sandwich competition. We received such a variety of recipe suggestions from inventive new combinations to classic flavours, from using local produce to flavour inspiration from far afield, making our shortlisting very hard.

Rupert Titchmarsh, General Manager of the Cowdray Farm Shop, said, ‘We are thrilled by the engagement shown by our customers as well as the creativity and innovation shown in these entries. After a rigorous and thorough assessment process, we have narrowed down the entries to a shortlist of eight, which we hope His Majesty will approve of.’

These sandwiches will now be judged in a blind tasting by a line-up of judges. Joining Rupert will be Chief Executive Jonathan Russell, Farm Shop Head Chef Ben Jupp, Farm Shop Operations Manager Lizzie West and Farm Shop Café Manager Emma Hague with the winning sandwich crowned on Friday 21st of April alongside second and third place winners.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to enter the competition. We enjoyed reading about the inspiration behind each of the creations. If you entered and have not been shortlisted we are sorry your entry didn’t make it through but hope you continue to make and enjoy your sandwich creation. If your sandwich has been shortlisted for the blind tasting we wish you luck in the final.

View the shortlist below.


The Royal Crab

Ingredients: Granary bread, Cornish butter, salad, spices.

Inspiration: ‘For the previous Duke of Cornwall, this is a Cornish inspired simple crab sandwich with a spicy kick.’




 The Couldhavebeen

Ingredients: Seeded bread, veggie bacon, vegan cheese, beef tomato, lettuce, vegan mayo.

Inspiration: ‘I’m vegan and fed up of the poor efforts out there, make it look like this picture and I’d eat it!’




The Buffalo King

Ingredients: Ciabatta, butter, shaved ham, mozzarella, rocket, pinch of salt.

Inspiration: ‘I thought about winning combinations: gin and tonic, sausages and mash, chocolate fudge cake and vanilla ice cream – ham and mozzarella has got to be up there with the best of them!’




Sovereigns Salad Sandwich

Ingredients: Sourdough, smoked chicken, mango, avocado, mayo.

Inspiration: ‘This smoked chicken, mango and avocado salad is a combination l stumbled on. I used to use grapes but finding I was out of grapes but had a mango in the fridge I substituted that and have never looked back. The first sunny Spring day it’s warm enough to lunch outside this is the salad/sandwich we eat. It always signals the start of the new season and good things to come. Very appropriate for our new Monarchs’ reign. It can be served as a salad with smoked chicken, mango and avocado cut into chunks and mayonnaise stirred through. Or ‘deconstructed’ as in this sandwich. I’ve kept my recipe in the background for long enough – it’s time to let it shine. Just like our new King and Queen!’




Crowning Glory

Ingredients: Pumpkin seed bread, bacon, stilton, honey.

Inspiration: ‘My dad is a bee keeper and English honey should be promoted where possible and the other ingredients can be English and compliment each other perfectly.’




Capers and Coronets

Ingredients: Hake fillet, tempura batter, mayonnaise, celeriac, carrot, cider vinegar, dill, capers, gherkins, little gem, ciabatta, lemon wedge.

Inspiration: ‘The seaside and fish and chips are a great British classic and celeriac slaw is one of my favourite finds after trying to eat more locally. Anything with capers is a win and mix that with some amazing fresh bread you can’t go wrong. My current favourite ciabatta is from Farretti Italian in Lodsworth. A fish fingers sandwich is that great mix of childhood classic but made with amazing ingredients which makes it fit for a King!’




Imperial Robe Bagel

Ingredients: Bagel, ChicP Hummus, feta, black olives.

Inspiration: ‘The Imperial Robe to be worn by King Charles at his Coronation is my inspiration, it is a purple silk velvet robe trimmed with white and black Canadian ermine.’




A Royal Breakfast Sarnie

Ingredients: Store-bought bread, tomato, eggs, basil, turkey, hummus, extra virgin olive oil.

Inspiration: ‘I was inspired to create a sandwich that represented Britain and the Levant. The King loves eggs which is a British breakfast staple, and hummus is a staple in our kitchen and in the Middle East where we are originally from.’


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