Meet the Therapists: Becky Potts, Physiotherapist

About Becky

Perfect Motion Physio was founded and is run by Bill and Becky Potts in 2013. Both Bill and Becky are highly skilled Chartered Physiotherapists with almost 30 years of experience in the musculoskeletal field and have worked as physiotherapists in the UK and abroad. They commonly treat a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from pregnant ladies and office workers through to athletes and retired persons. They use a manual approach to their physio treatments alongside exercise rehabilitation and run 15 highly regarded Physio-Pilates classes a week. Bill specialises in lower limb injuries, shoulder rehabilitation and is an expert in movement performance.

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Can you describe the range of services provided by Perfect Motion Physio?

We offer:

Could you tell us a bit more about Women’s Health Physiotherapy?

Women’s health physio is a specialist area that primarily and most commonly focuses on issues around a woman’s pelvic area and helps with such issues as pain, prolapse, bladder and bowel incontinence, sexual dysfunctions, menopausal issues and pre/post-natal rehabilitation.

There is a large focus on pelvic floor function and optimisation. I believe strongly that all women should have Pelvic Physiotherapy check-ups at various stages of their life such as peri/post menopause and pre/post-natal. This is especially important if they have any persistent pelvic pain, bladder or bowel incontinence (at any time and any amount), inability to fully empty their bowels and/or a feeling of vaginal or rectal heaviness/dragging sensation.

You also offer Pilates classes. Do you think Pilates is beneficial?

Absolutely yes! Quite frankly, we should all do it! Everyone (Bill and myself included), is guilty of falling into poor postural habits and sub-optimal biomechanics. Sometimes this can be very subtle and not noticeable, but as our bodies are marvellous at compensations, issues can present later down the line. With our Pilates, we focus on optimising your function, movement, stability, flexibility and control. Overall, it keeps your body happy, healthy, less likely to get injured and improves sports performance.

What inspired you to train as a physiotherapist?

A love and fascination for the human body – how it works, and how we can improve on this. Once I got my place at university, my grandma told me she was a Physio (and one of the first!), I’d had no idea before, so maybe I was destined for this profession! I feel incredibly lucky to love my work as much as I do.

When did you and Bill decide to set up your business together? Was it something you discussed for a while or quite impromptu?

Bill and I met at university studying for our Physiotherapy degree and fell in love with each other. We talked about having a clinic together one day as a little joke. However, as the years went on it naturally evolved. We worked for other clinics in New Zealand and Australia initially, then based ourselves in beautiful Midhurst. We would see the odd neighbour for physio, their friends and family and as word spread, we became more and more busy and so here we are. We feel very lucky to have such a great business together and some wonderful therapists and the fantastic Ele (our Administrative Manager) who helps things run so smoothly. It’s a great team to be a part of and we feel very lucky.

What do you enjoy doing most outside work?

I love the great outdoors and am out in it every day at any given opportunity. I enjoy keeping fit and active, socialising with friends, and having fun with my two small children. I’m a great lover of food (and wine!) and cooking. We grow as much fruit and veg at home as we can, and my ever-expanding veggie patch keeps me busy!

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