Meet the Therapists: Kim Lovelace

Kim Lovelace, a Shiatsu and Qigong Practitioner, talks about his journey from conventional healthcare to learning to teach healing disciplines. 

About Kim

Kim Lovelace practices Shiatsu which is a form of bodywork that uses pressure, stretches and joint mobilisation to effect changes in the body. Shiatsu is not manipulative, it enables the body to articulate. He is with us at Cowdray every Tuesday.

To book call Kim: 07989 598375

What attracted you to learn to teach Shiatsu and Qigong?
After nearly 15 years in mainstream healthcare, I needed a change. A search began for healing disciplines that actively empowered my clients. This journey eventually led to Shiatsu. My Shiatsu training included modules of self-development, which is where Qigong first entered my life. Moving my body whilst cultivating mindful awareness ticked all my selfcare boxes.

What was your role in conventional healthcare?
I worked for over 15 years within hospital operating theatres and intensive care units specialising as a surgical and anaesthetic assistant.

As well as developing a first-hand knowledge of human anatomy and pathology this work necessitated an awareness of patients’ needs, hopes and fears. Over time and with increasing frequency, I chose to work with relatively minor procedures when patients would be awake and be able to express their feelings.

What training did you undertake for Shiatsu and Qigong?
Initial Shiatsu training involved a three-year part-time course, plus one year of clinical supervision. My Qigong training was far less formal. Working with teachers until a point is reached when they consider you competent to guide others.

You have had a long-term affiliation with Cowdray Hall. What classes do you run?
Each month, I run a three-hour Saturday morning Qigong class. This sounds rather long, but there is a refreshment break halfway through. The classes are suitable for complete beginners and improvers. They provide simple practices that can be incorporated into daily life. I also team up with Sandrine Cranswick, a Mindfulness teacher. We run Mindful Day retreats incorporating formal meditation with Qigong.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love walking and cycling. They’re great ways of helping me notice how much space there really is in my life.

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