Meet the Therapists: Sports Massage Therapist Rina Polishchuk

Rina Polishchuk talks about the benefits of massage, her interests outside work including completing ultra marathons and her time spent working as the sports masseuse for The Ukraine National Sports Orienteering team.

About Rina

Rina Polishchuk is a fully qualified Sports Massage Therapist and is now part of the Perfect Motion Physio team. She also offers Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, whole body wellness massage, relaxation massage and Thai massage.

With experience as the massage therapist to the Ukrainian National Sports Orienteering Team alongside running her own business in Dnipro, Ukraine, Rina is a firm believer of a whole body approach.

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What inspired you to become a massage therapist?

I love doing massage and seeing the positive effects that massage has on people. When I finished my first massage course, I didn’t expect to become a masseuse as my profession, but after many years of seeing how it benefited those I had given them to and the enjoyment I got from that, I felt it was something I needed to share

What are the benefits of sports massage?

A full body deep sports massage is very important for our health. It provides an opportunity for both the body (and its muscles) as well as the mind to relax. It has significant benefits such as aiding recovery and performance for those training or carrying out sports activities.

It also has an equally positive impact on someone who is sitting at a desk or who has a physical job. These benefits include mobilising the soft tissues, improving blood and lymphatic flow, as well as helping with our mental health – which is so important too.

I also offer a specialist Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage which is a unique, specialist massage involving relaxation techniques and deep facilitated stretches with massage release. Relaxation for our mind enables the body and all our muscles to relax. For this reason, I usually finish all my massages with a face and head massage.

What techniques do you use?

I have completed several massage courses and have developed a unique massage technique, blending the knowledge gained from each massage discipline. These skills include sports massage, stretch facilitation, Thai massage, relaxation techniques, facial massage and Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi. I have a whole-body approach to massage, which I believe is crucial to getting the best outcome for my clients, but I also focus on specific areas where more release is needed.

Where have you worked prior to working at Cowdray?

Prior to working for Perfect Motion Physio at the Cowdray Therapy Rooms, I worked in Ukraine where I was the sports masseuse for The Ukraine National Sports Orienteering team at the World Championships in the Czech Republic. I have also worked abroad as a massage therapist including in an international hotel, in Turkish baths and in Sweden.

You live in West Sussex; what do you like to do in your spare time?

I’ve been studying English for many years and enjoy keeping active and fit. I especially love trail running and cycling, and I used to go trekking regularly in Ukraine. I have completed a marathon and ultramarathons, the longest being 100km, with a total elevation of more than 6,000 metres. I have also been to Nepal in the Himalayan mountains and climbed above 5,000 metres. I continue to do sports in England and enjoy running, going to the gym and swimming, all of which help me to stay fit and ready to give the perfect massage.

I play the piano and I’m studying English and Maths at Chichester College. I’m happy to be here in a safe place in England enjoying the beautiful West Sussex countryside.

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